Win anything from PlayStation 3s to iPhones on our website, it's easy just place a bid and watch the timer reach zero!

How it works?

Using Bid-Tyme is simple! Here is how it works:

1.        Register - Make sure to fill in your addresses! Send us a email with the items you want to see on and when we recieve enough requests, we will add that item.

2.       Buy one of our Bid Packs - Watch for POPUP AUCTIONS Daily between  6-11 pm!

3.       Bid on the item you want to win! Do not wait for the clock to get down to 3 seconds as there are time delays on most internet connections . We Offer BID BUTTLERS so you may place Bids on a item you wish to win in advance and they will bid for you. This is great for when you can not be available just place bids in advance (set up your bid buttler),and go about other things. The USE of your BID BUTLERS IS THE BEST WAY TO WIN!!  Make sure you have pleny of bids on hand before your items end, as if you need to leave your auction to buy more you may miss out on it.

4.       Check our Daily Deals for BUY it NOW items Daily! No Need to Bid! 

5.       We offer different types of auctions, please read the different types. 

6.       Watch our newsletters for Specials on Bid Packs and Daily Deals.

7.       We Except Paypal, & All Credit Cards which can be processed through paypal WITHOUT a paypal account. You must email us for processing other than paypal.

Yes it is that simple! Bid-Tyme auctions are slightly different than regular penny auctions, although we also provide regular penny auctions from time to time. Bid-Tyme is known for its unique No Timer Auctions!  We offer No Timer Auctions where We have a system thats sets-up a price AUTOMATICALLY between two dollar amounts we choose. So when you see an auction that says “Price Range is Between $0.01 – $2.75) our system automatically sets the price between those numbers. This is to be fair, and both for your convenience and pleasure – which is always your satisfaction!

Along with No Timer Auctions, we also have many different auction types that are trending  such as Reverse Auctions, Beginner’s Auctions, Free Auctions, Buy it now auctions (Daily Deals) and many more!  

Happy Bidding!


BidTyme Auctions has a variety of Auction Styles. Here are the auction types we provide: IF there are not enough bidders for any particular auction, the auction may be extended by 1 day or more, or cancelled, and your bids returned! This allows Bid-Tyme to provide auction items that its customers really want to bid on!



No timer Auctions - Reserve Price Auctions are one of the most common auctions that Bid-Tyme provides. We have created a system that sets the auction price automatically, within the range that we provide. For example, we say that the auction price should be between $0.01 and $1.25 - and our system automatically sets the closing price within that range. This makes the auction fair and more entertaining for you and us! ****************** ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE AUCTIONS HAVE A RESERVE PRICE AND A TIME TO MEET THAT PRICE. ANY AUCTION THAT DOES MEET THE RESERVE PRICE & ENDS, WILL HAVE ALL ITS BIDS REFUNDED!!! SOO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE BY BIDDING ON THESE AUCTIONS!!!! *******

Penny Auctions

This is the regular penny auction style that you are most familiar with. Bid-Tyme provides this type of auction Commonly as well. These auctions starts from only from $0.01 and once the timer hits 0, the last bidder wins. 

Standard Auctions

Same as eBay.

Seat Auctions

To participate these auctions, you must pay the required amount of bids for your seat. There are limited seats available in these auctions. Bidding in a seat auction is free. 

Reverse Auctions

In reverse auctions, the price goes down from the msrp with each bid. Last bidder wins.

Beginner Auctions

Only Beginners can particapate, if you have won less than the set amount of Auctions to Qualify.


Buy it Now - All items with a buy it now are available for purchase and you may do so using you bid credits also.

Daily Deals - Join our email list to recieve these specials.

OUR Guarantee - is Simple! Purchase your first Bid Pack, start Bidding and if you do not win one of the auctions, you will get your bids back, you may also choose to purchase the item discounted for the bids you submitted, so you will not loose your money, this is valid on all auctions with a buy it now option. You will be able to see your discounted buy it now price. Buy it now must be done while auction is running or within 1 hour from auction end. We can only do your bids back once or twice, then you must use your bid credits towards the purchase of the item. This Money Back offer is not valid after your first win, or if you had requested a form of payment other than paypal.  

Well Get started in some huge savings of fun on Bid-Tyme!